It is the mission of the SWM LYSL to develop, deploy, and maintain a comprehensive program for the development and promotion of the game of soccer for the youth of Lincoln Township and surrounding areas. This League has been established as a non-profit an

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Registration (approximate dates):
Spring Season—Late January thru early March (this is a continuation of the previous fall season)
Fall Season—Mid-June through mid-July

Specifying a team or a coach is not allowed except for following reasons: one, volunteer to be an assistant coach (except U4 and U5, which does not use assistant coaches) for the head coach you want your child to play with (you always play on the team a parent coaches); two, transportation can only be arranged by another registered member, which means you would have to be on the same team (we do verify this).

You are allowed to play up to the next division level (ie. age appropriate for U8 is allowed to play in U10, but not U12) if you are a dominant player and it would be in the best interest for yourself and the younger division. The registration system will only only you to register for your age appropriate division, however, in the comment line (at registration), please state the division you would like to play up to. U4 and U5 age appropriate players are only allowed to play in their respective divisions, however, a player in the U5 division could move up to U6 in the spring if a coach recommends it.

Registration Cost*: (Note: deduct $20 by registering early)
U3 (spring only birth dates from January 1 to April 30), 
U4, U5—$35 Early/$55 Regular cost, U6 thru U8—$45 Early/$65 Regular Cost, U10--$55 Early/$75 Regular Cost, U12-U19—$65 Early/$85. Late registration fee (after regular registration closes) is an additional $15.00 Price includes uniforms (U6-14: jersey, shorts, and socks - U4 and U5: T-shirt) and all U4 thru U10 players receive participation medals.
*Includes $30 volunteering discount. If you take the discount you must volunteer or you will be billed $30. You may chose to opt out of volunteering by not taking the $30 discount.
There is a $7.50 surcharge for non-Lincoln Township residents. Note: U3 and U4 parents are not required to volunteer. 

Registration Discounts: 
1. Early registration - $20 off
2. Second season discount - $10 off off the Spring season if you also play in the fall (NOTE: requesting a new jersey in the spring nullifies discount).
3. Additional sibling discount - $5 off each additional registration (after the first full registration). It applies to Spring or Fall.
4. Head Coaches: U6 thru U8 - $25 off, plus $20 in concession coupons. U10 thru U19 - Your child plays for free. These discounts are applied to each registration for each team you coach—the more teams, the more discounts.
5. Board Members - All children play for free.
6. Coordinators (ie Field Maintenance) - One child plays for free.
7. Concession stand Shift Managers - One child plays for free.
Volunteer positions include:

Concessions; field setup and tear down, field re-lining; fund raisers, picture day assistants; uniform, medal, and picture distribution, special events.   

Lakeshore Youth Soccer is an volunteer based, non-profit 501c3 organization.

Each registration (child) requires a volunteering commitment (the spring U3 division is excluded), however, LYSL allows each registrant the option to pay a $30 opt-out fee in lieu of volunteering. This fee goes into a seasonal pool to pay workers to work the concession stand or paint field lines (for example).

By volunteering you are saving $30 at registration, but please remember if you take the $30 discount we expect you to volunteer and you will be required to pay the $30 if (for whatever reason) do not. In addition, if you are scheduled to volunteer and there is a conflict you must notify the league, via email, 48 hours in advance of your volunteering date/time. Failure to notify the league will result in a $20 penaltyplus the $30 mentioned above*.

Click Here for complete volunteering rules and information.

* Failure to pay the $20 penalty and/or the $30 failure to volunteer fee, will result in these charges being billed to your soccer account. Account balances must be zero in order for you to register your child.

For training, practice, scrimmage, and game information please click on the "Divisions" tab in the above horizontal ribbon.

Weather Policy:
Lightning and thunder, in the immediate area, will cause a play stoppage of 30 minutes. Play cannot resume until 30 minutes after the last visible lightning strike. In the event of several weather that may last for an entire day the league reserves the right to cancel all games and you will receive an email if that occurs.

Shins guard are required at U6 and up. Soccer cleats are recommend for U6 and up (highly recomment for U8 and up), but not required. Jewelry is not allowed for any division unless medical or religous, but must be securly tape and under jersey (T shirt). A uniform is supplied by the league. U3 (spring only) & U4/U5: T-Shirts; U6 thru U14 jersey's, shorts, and socks. A new uniform is supplied to a player once a season (if you play in the fall then you will reuse in the spring), however, in the event of damage or lost jersey a replacement can be purchased for $15.


Pictures are held the weekend before the start of games and take place at the Lakeshore Middle School. Players are not required to have picture taken, however, there is no cost to have your picture take with the team—only individual pictures have a charge. You also have the option to have individual pictures taken at any time if you are not available during your teams slot.

Concussion forms:
Are mandatory and must be returned by the start of the first game of the season or you will not be allowed to play. You only need to sign one form (per player-not family) for the entire time you are in the league.


Food Allergies:
Please notify your coach if your child has a food allergy as teams in divisions U4 thru U8 have snacks after games. Also, if you are suppling please by aware of what food allergies players on your team may have. They are many, however, peanuts and soybean are two of the biggest relating to snacks.


Of course, are always needed. Head Coaches, U6 through U8 receive a $25 discount towards thier child's registration, plus $20 in concession stand coupons; U12 and U14 head coaches receive a 100% discount for one child's registration. These incentives apply to each team you coach, so the more teams the more discounts. This discount can be used prior to payment or applied to next season—we do not mail refund checks. We prefer that all teams (except U4 and U5) have assistant coaches. All coaches receive a coaches jersey.  We strongly encourage all coaches to become "F" licensed by US Soccer and LSYL will reimburse coaches in full upon proof of 2 hour course completion. Please contact or click here for more detailed information about F licensing.

Board Members:
You can never have enough help, positions are frequently available. Board members receive a 100% discount toward all of their children registrations, plus one ree standard picture pack, and a free spirit wear item (shirt, hat, hoodie, etc). In additiona recieve a $100 Dunham's Sports Gift Card. Positions include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar, Scheduler, and Head of Coaches. 
See League Documents for more information.


Similar to board member positions, except you are not required to attend meetings and you have no voting privileges. You receive a 100% discount towards of your child's registrations, plus one ree standard picture pack, and a free spirit wear item (shirt, hat, hoodie, etc). These positions also require less work and generally only take place at the end and/or beginning of season. Positions include: Sponsorship/Fundraising Manager, Volunteer Manager, Concessions, Equipment/Publicity, Uniform/Medals, Field Maintenance, Merchandising and Pictures, and Referee Assignor. See League Documents for more information.