It is the mission of the SWM LYSL to develop, deploy, and maintain a comprehensive program for the development and promotion of the game of soccer for the youth of Lincoln Township and surrounding areas. This League has been established as a non-profit an

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Quick Reference

Format Age Level Play Time (minutes)^ Preferred Roster size Max (Roster) Min (Roster) Min (game day) Assistant Coach Offsides Ball size Field size Goal Size
3 v 3 No Goalie U5 4x5 6 6 4 3 None No 3 40x60 4x3

^ Break Time (minutes): U4-5 – as needed with substitutions made at breaks.

Division Format

  • A season consists of eight, 60-minute practices, which include a non-competitive scrimmage. No score is kept for the scrimmage.
  • A scrimmage will consist of four, 5-minute quarters.
  • Scrimmage format is 3 v 3 without goalkeepers.


  • An accredited program will be run by parent coaches that will focus on fun games and exercises.
  • At their discretion, Coaches may choose to hold additional practice sessions before the season begins.
  • All training sessions are at the Rockey Weed Soccer Complex.
  • Training sessions will most likely be on a weekday evening and/or on a Saturday morning over the course of a season. 
  • U5 players are allowed to play up to U6 for the spring season following the fall season only on a coaches recommendation.

Additional Information

  • All players receive a T-shirt and a participation medal presented at the end of the season.
  • Insurance is covered by the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association through Got Soccer.